Characteristics of a Godly Woman

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characteristics of a Godly woman

We all want to be a Godly woman who would give up everything in her life to serve the Lord instead. She would have some flaws too, but being imperfect lets her turn to God and seek His guidance. In Proverbs 31, the scripture has explained everything a woman could ever imagine to be. An amazing goal in life is not just to live a life of success, but to be a woman as exactly described in that  verse. Don’t you wish you have those characteristics, too? We will now know some of the characteristics of a Godly woman.

She reads the Bible and has a familiar sense of God’s word.

She tries to live up to the word of God in her actions, thoughts, and words. Having this kind of characteristic does not mean you blurb out scriptures to anybody to prove that you had memorized it or know about it. Instead, it is better to be a woman who has faith and pairs it with action.

She seeks God first and foremost.

A Godly woman knows that only God is the answer. She does not rely on other things aside from that, as she believes that God is superior and nothing is impossible through Him. As quoted from Matthew 6:33-34, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

She knows her worth as she is made by God.

One of our favorite Proverbs 31 verses is this: “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.” She knows that she does not need those expensive jewelry and designer clothes to make her know her worth. This is in a sense that a Godly woman knows that she is beautifully crafted by the Master and it is better to beautify the personality than the body which will eventually deteriorate with time.

She is selfless and thinks of others first.

She would rather serve others and the Lord than herself. She is generous of what she has because she thinks of herself less. She never holds back because she knows that God abundantly gives back everything she gave away. She knows that through a woman’s ministry, God is pleased with her.

She forgives easily.

A woman like this knows that everyone commits mistakes and deserves a chance of forgiveness. She knows that we were all unconditionally forgiven by God despite all our mistakes and shortcoming. Though it may hurt, she chose to forgive anyway because time heals every scar that was placed in her humble heart.

She knows that everything comes in perfect timing with God’s will.

She trusts in the Lord that everything happens for a reason. For that, she patiently waits for what may happen, as she knows that God only has the best things in store for her.


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Random Acts of Service and Kindness

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kindess and service

Do you want to be a hero for a day or many days after that? We all have that hero instinct in us deep inside, and all we need is to let it shine. Making a random act of service and kindness can definitely make a whole lot of difference in a lot of people that surround you. Let’s try these things below and see how each step made our world a bit better every time!

  1. Smile to a random stranger. Who knows, you could be smiling to someone who was having a rough day! Think of how this simple gesture could turn his/her day around.
  2. Encourage a person with his/her dreams. They may be having doubts of accomplishing what they want to be someday, but help that person push through against the odds. You could be one of the reasons why that person would succeed someday!
  3. Leave spontaneous love notes to your spouse. You will be sparking your romance even more, plus you earn a lovely kiss from your significant other. Show your spouse how much you love him/her every day.
  4. Compliment three people a day. Make sure it is sincere and that you really find something worth complimenting for in that other person. Make your remarks more thoughtful by complimenting the other person with his/her strengths or lovely attributes instead of the material things they have.
  5. Make someone laugh so hard. Crack up a good joke and make someone laugh so that both your tummies will ache.
  6. Send random cards to your friends. Connect to your old friends and catch up with them. Make them know that you truly care about them and you really treasure their existence in your life. This gesture might be simple, but your friends will remember you for it.
  7. Offer to do something for someone even for just a day. They will appreciate it for a taking a load off their day. Offer it sincerely and without expecting anything in return.
  8. Reach out to your favorite charities and spend some time with the beneficiaries. Something more meaningful than just donating a lovely amount of money to your favorite charities is spending some time with the people you are donating to. Organize a small event for them and go have an unforgettable time together.
  9. Help someone with their studies. You might know someone who is having a hard time with their lessons. Offer a free study session and discuss together ideas that he/she might be confused about.
  10. Fund a small amount for a local school near you. Even if it’s just a small amount, it could go a long way with their upcoming school activities and events.
  11. Plant a tree. Protecting Mother Nature is one of the kindest services we could offer to the community.

You see, there are many ways we could offer these acts of simple service towards other people. We are all Godly people in our own ways.

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