Always Put Your Best Face Forward – How to Keep Your Skin Clean and Fresh Looking All of the Time

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It would seem like keeping your face clean should be pretty straight forward, but if you always want to present yourself to the world in the best possible light, you need to be doing more than splashing on some soap and water twice a day. Your daily activities as an active woman could be causing excessive drying, oily spots and even break outs. To avoid that, you need to paying more attention to how you are keeping your skin clean.

Start by Finding a Gentle Cleanser

Believe it or not, you don’t need anything harsh when it comes to washing your face. A cleanser that is able to wash away dirt, germs and excessive oil is all you need. Anything stronger than that will strip away moisture and your healthy skin cells.

Use the Right Applicator

Splashing water on your face is not going to get all of the dirt off, and a washcloth can be harsh on the skin. A good middle ground is using a konjac sponge to apply the facial soap and then to rinse it off. A konjac sponge is able to deep clean your pores, yet it causes no irritation to the skin. Check out review sites for these beauty products and you’ll find they come in a variety of sizes, suitable for both the shower and just for washing the face.

Don’t Over Wash Your Face

Once or twice a day washings should be all your face needs to stay clean and look refreshed. Any more than that and you risk over drying by stripping away the natural moisturizing oils. The only exception is when you are wearing make up or sun screen. You should never go to sleep at night wearing these products on your face as they will clog the pores and can cause break outs.


Use Water at a Moderate Temperature

Excessively hot water will strip the skin, and cold water will close the pores. Moderate temperatures work best at cleaning your face. Use warm water when starting to open the pores naturally, then cool it down slightly when you rinse to close the pores and protect your face for the rest of the day.

Pat Dry

Avoid using towels or cloths to rub your face dry. Instead, use a soft cloth and pat the excess water. Leaving the skin slightly wet works well with moisturizer as it gets sealed in and keeps your skin hydrated throughout your day.

These tips should ensure that your face stays clear, without any signs of blotching or dry patches. When out in the world, it is your face that is front and center at all times, and you want to make sure that it always looks its absolute best.


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8 Surprising Benefits of Infrared Saunas for Women

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Historically, saunas are a Europe phenomenon especially in the Nordic region, but they have made their way to the Americas, and provide numerous health benefits for women. More recently, the portable infrared sauna has begun to replace the steam sauna as the relaxation point of choice.


If you have not yet been turned on to the incredible benefits of having a portable infrared sauna at home, here are 8 reasons that will make you think:

  1. An infrared sauna flushes toxins – Sweating is your body’s way of removing toxins, and the deep sweat that an infrared sauna produces helps to draw these out. This not only improves on your health now, it can help to prevent you from developing certain diseases later on.
  2. Portable infrared saunas help you lose weight – With no effort on your part, an infrared sauna increases the heart rate and subsequently your metabolism. By heating up your body you are able to easily burn 500 calories even though you are still breaking a sweat.
  3. Your immune system grows stronger from an infrared sauna – sessions inside of an infrared sauna actually work at helping your body create white blood cells. These are the cells that fight infection and keep your healthy.
  4. Having the Right Portable Infrared Sauna promotes social interaction – Some portable saunas are large enough to seat up to four people at a time, providing a comfortable environment to sit back and spend quality time with family and friends.
  5. Your threshold for endurance sports will increase – Your body only has a certain tolerance level for heat, which can be increased by regular use of an infrared sauna. By raising that tolerance you are able to spend more time participating in certain endurance sports.
  6. A Sauna makes your hair look better – The heat from the sauna activates the glands on the scalp, causing them to produce more natural oils for the hair. The end result is naturally shiny and healthy hair.
  7. A sauna helps you recover from workouts – After a strenuous workout, spending time inside of a portable infrared sauna increases blood flow, which rushes to the tired muscles and begins to work on healing them. Your body will recover quickly in the this way, allowing you to work out again much sooner.
  8. An infrared sauna helps make you look younger – The skin benefits from the heat of a sauna as well, as the dead cells are removed and the growth of new skin cells encouraged. This results in skin that is more elastic and youthful looking.

You can find reviews and prices of portable infrared saunas on online review sites, giving you a good idea of the right type for your needs and living environment. These devices are a fantastic investment if you are looking for something that can provide you with multiple health benefits, which you can find at

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The Benefits of Owning a Pet for Women

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For women who are working hard to make it on their own, and even for those surrounded by family and friends, a pet can offer amazing benefits. Not only are cats and dogs comfortable companions, their presence in your life can provide mental and physical health benefits.

Studies have found that owning and caring for a pet can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and increase your social interaction and physical activity. If you think that there is an essential element missing in your life, than bringing a pet into it may make all the difference.

Reducing Loneliness

Even in a house full of people, a women’s role can make her feel incredibly lonely. As the caretaker, it can be depressing to feel as if your only function is the well being of others. With a pet, there is a companionship that is not dependent on what you can provide them. Instead, they are content to lay their head in your lap unconditionally, all the time. This type of loyalty can reduce that feeling of loneliness which often leads to depression.

What Type of Pet is Right For You?

There is no denying that there are dog people and then there are cat people. Some like the stand-offish friendship of a cat, while others prefer the tail wagging joy of a dog. Consider your preference, but also take into account the size of the animal in comparison to where you live, and whether or not you will be able to easily allow them time outside.

Female homeowners, especially those living alone, should consider a mid sized to large dog. This is extra protection for you, as well as a constant companion. You can easily have one of the best wireless fence installed around your yard, so that potential burglars see that you have a dog who will protect your home to the end. The K9 pet containment system makes sure that your dog is always safely bound to your yard, without ruining the way the outside of your home appears – a slightly cheaper option, if that’s an issue you are concerned about, is the actual in-ground version.

Caring for Your Pet

Having a pet at home does mean some extra work, but at the end of the day, it will be well worth it. Make sure that you are taking them to the vet for shots and check-ups, and providing them with consistent meals. New pet owners often forget that animals need to be hydrated too, so make sure that there is always a fresh supply of water available for your dog or cat.

Especially for women who are living alone, a pet provides that feeling of being welcomed and wanted. If your happiness seems waning, consider bringing a pet into your household.

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Women in Dentistry – One of the Fastest Growing Career Choices

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One of the many issues facing strong, Godly women today is in choosing a career that is both fulfilling and fits in with their personal values and goals. Dentistry is one such profession, where a woman can excel in her position while helping patients gain better oral health.

Women currently make up almost half of all dental students, but only a quarter of dentists in practice. This is a major step when you consider that before the end of the 1960’s, less than 4% of all dentists were women. Not only was it a struggle to get a degree, establishing a practice and gaining respect as a professional was nearly impossible.

Why Women Are Choosing Dentistry

Dentistry is challenging intellectually, making it an appealing prospect for a woman who has a desire to help people improve their health. Not only that, but it can provide a comfortable living, whether living with a marital partner or not. Having their own practice further empowers a woman by giving her liberty to set the hours around a personal schedule that often includes raising children.

woman-at-the-dentistThe Role of a Female Dentist

A trip to the dentist’s office often invokes fear, even in the strongest of individuals. There is something about having the mouth explored that is especially invasive, and the tools used not at all comforting. Women are able to provide a gentler touch to dentistry, making it less fearful for people of all ages. They particularly excel in pediatric dentistry, a highly specialized field that yields even more financial rewards, along with the satisfaction of being able to help children with their oral health needs.

Women in this role will take their position very seriously, often going the extra mile to ensure that children’s teeth are not only in good condition but teaching how to keep them that way. They will take the time to teach children how to use an electric toothbrush and water flosser, the right amount of toothpaste to apply, and instruction on how often a day to brush. These are lessons that even the best parents often take for granted, just handing the electric toothbrush over to their child and expecting them to instinctively know how to use it. A dedicated female dentist will also teach parents how to find the best water flossers by checking review sites online and ways to encourage their kids to use them.

With the number of woman in dentistry school right now, we can expect to see the number of them in practice to double over the next few years. As more women realize the special benefit they can provide to the occupation, this trend will continue well into the future.

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5 Natural Products Every Godly Woman Should be Using

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Our lives as women are filled with hundreds of synthetic products where God has already provided us with a natural alternative. Not only are his natural bounties safer to use, they are able to provide better benefits for over-all health. Here are 5 that you should be switching up to in order to appreciate all of the gifts that God has provided us with:

  • Reusable Make-up Wipes – As much as we would love to say that women do not need to alter the face that God gave them with make-up, we know that in society this is sometimes considered necessary. If you are a make-up user, go with natural bamboo wipes to take it off. These are not only gently, but reusable, ensuring that you are protecting the sustainability of the bamboo.
  • Cork Cell Phone Covers – Another part of your daily life that would be difficult to live without is the cell phone. You can at least skip the plastic cover and protect it with cork. A cork cell phone case is softer, giving it better protection if dropped, and a natural product that is not going to end up in a land fill for the next 2,000 years.
  • high_end_design_customized_mobile_phone_cork
  • Essential Oils – The plant life that God has provided us with is rich in natural benefits that not only work at making us smell good, but have properties that can protect our health as you can read in this oil guide. Buy an attractive essential oil diffuser at and enjoy the pleasant smell of lavender wafting over you all day.
  • Cotton Fabrics – When it comes to clothing, there is nothing more cozy, durable and versatile than cotton, yet so many of our women shy away from it. Cotton is a naturally occurring by product of plants that can be made into garments both small and large. Its breathability makes it perfect in the summer when you want to keep cool, yet can also be designed to keep you warm in the winter.
  • Re-usable Shopping Bags – Imagine if when you went shopping you opted to put all of your purchases into re-usable bags rather than getting a plastic one at each store. Large totes made with natural fibers will not only last for years, they are stylish to carry. Tell the teller to just put it inside the tote, and you will be making your own tiny step towards helping protect the planet that God gave us.

It is vital that we are showing God our appreciation for his gifts by protecting the biggest one of all that he has given us. The planet is full of natural ways to go about your every day life, without having to destroy it.

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Excelling In Healthy Hobbies to Help You Excel Professionally

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A woman who is content in all areas of her life will naturally excel in her professional career. Having hobbies allows you to learn new skills and find hidden talents that you never knew you possessed before. If you are looking to branch out in your personal life to assist you in being more successful in your professional life, here are some hobbies you can consider becoming involved in:

Boating – Whether it be simple short trips out onto lakes, or motor boating on the ocean, this type of hobby is excellent for clearing the mind. Physical boating like rowing helps to build strength and a gives you a strong sense of accomplishment when you reach your destination. Being out on the ocean and tackling its waves helps to put life into perspective.

Golfing – There is good reason why so many men become hooked on the sport of golfing. This is a sport that takes a good deal of skill to accomplish with success, yet once you learn will give you great pleasure. Outside with nothing but rolling hills of green to distract you, you can really focus on what you are considering for the future.

golferArcheryArchery is quickly regaining popularity, and women make up the majority of new participants. In order to learn how to relax and better focus on the future, thousands of women around the world have begun to learn the workings of one of the best types of bows, the recurve bow and how to shoot an arrow from one. If you have never bought this type of equipment before, look into review sites for recurve bows and arrows for beginners and see which are best suited for the smaller frame of a woman.

Gardening – Women have been avid gardeners for decades, and with good reason. This is an activity that lets you make decisions on your own where you will get to enjoy the results. Not to mention the freedom of creativity you get and the ability to get down in the dirt and not have to worry about your appearance. Whether it is flowers or food, you and mother nature are working together every time you create a garden.

Scrapbooking – With digital technology taking over the world, people have put photo albums and scrapbooking to the side. Yet storing photos on memory cards and computers is not the same as having memories in a more tangible format. Consider the hours of tranquility as you arrange, position and create lovely pages that depict your interesting history.

With the active lives as caretakers that many women have, it is easy to put your own needs and desires to the side. You have to learn to stop that behavior and take the time to do something that is just for you. This allows you to grow as a person and obtain a better balance in your life.


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How Women Can Use Their God Given Talents to Start Their Own Business

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One thing every woman should understand before entering the work force is that she needs to love what she does. Having a job or career that does not inspire excitement in your soul will lead to an unfulfilled life. One of the ways that you can ensure that you are in love with what you do, is by taking something that you already love and turning it into a career.

Sewing – Crochet- Knitting

If you are the guest at the baby shower who is always giving the homemade blanket and booties that everyone is in awe of, you could make a career of it. Unique baby items are a hot ticket item, especially for the rich. Come up with some adorable designs, create a line and advertise online, and you will find yourself in charge of a growing baby wear business.

blanket-01-624x415Cooking – Baking

It is not unusual to find a caterer that is working out of their own kitchen. If you have a penchant for pleasing your family’s palate, or find friends are in a frenzy for your signature dishes, you could advertise catering services for small events. You already have all of the equipment needed right in your kitchen, so why not make some money off of that deep fryer you barely use that cost you more than a few bucks. Even with just a deep fryer you can quickly whip up finger foods and appetizers that people would love to buy.


Whether flowers or veggies, what you have growing in your yard could equal money in the bank. You could grow plants to sell, or have a makeshift flower shop right in your garage. If your talent is with tomatoes and cucumbers, open a fresh farm stand right at your mailbox. People today are in constant search of all natural foods, and it doesn’t get any more natural than growing in your yard.


With a basic kit, you could design and make jewelry accessories that all women would love. This is an easy hobby to turn into a business, with plenty of retailers who could do the selling for you. Be unique and come up with signature designs to create your own line of fashion accessories.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage right now and you can bank on that if you have a penchant for growing the plants that they are derived from. You will need to learn how to extract the oils, but once you do, you can experiment, making your own fragrances to sell online or to brick and mortar retailers.

With all of the responsibilities a woman has already, it is a blessing to find a way to support your family with something you love that can be done from home. Think of the many passions you have, and how you can turn those into money making opportunities.


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Characteristics of a Godly Woman

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characteristics of a Godly woman

We all want to be a Godly woman who would give up everything in her life to serve the Lord instead. She would have some flaws too, but being imperfect lets her turn to God and seek His guidance. In Proverbs 31, the scripture has explained everything a woman could ever imagine to be. An amazing goal in life is not just to live a life of success, but to be a woman as exactly described in that  verse. Don’t you wish you have those characteristics, too? We will now know some of the characteristics of a Godly woman.

She reads the Bible and has a familiar sense of God’s word.

She tries to live up to the word of God in her actions, thoughts, and words. Having this kind of characteristic does not mean you blurb out scriptures to anybody to prove that you had memorized it or know about it. Instead, it is better to be a woman who has faith and pairs it with action.

She seeks God first and foremost.

A Godly woman knows that only God is the answer. She does not rely on other things aside from that, as she believes that God is superior and nothing is impossible through Him. As quoted from Matthew 6:33-34, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

She knows her worth as she is made by God.

One of our favorite Proverbs 31 verses is this: “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.” She knows that she does not need those expensive jewelry and designer clothes to make her know her worth. This is in a sense that a Godly woman knows that she is beautifully crafted by the Master and it is better to beautify the personality than the body which will eventually deteriorate with time.

She is selfless and thinks of others first.

She would rather serve others and the Lord than herself. She is generous of what she has because she thinks of herself less. She never holds back because she knows that God abundantly gives back everything she gave away. She knows that through a woman’s ministry, God is pleased with her.

She forgives easily.

A woman like this knows that everyone commits mistakes and deserves a chance of forgiveness. She knows that we were all unconditionally forgiven by God despite all our mistakes and shortcoming. Though it may hurt, she chose to forgive anyway because time heals every scar that was placed in her humble heart.

She knows that everything comes in perfect timing with God’s will.

She trusts in the Lord that everything happens for a reason. For that, she patiently waits for what may happen, as she knows that God only has the best things in store for her.


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Random Acts of Service and Kindness

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kindess and service

Do you want to be a hero for a day or many days after that? We all have that hero instinct in us deep inside, and all we need is to let it shine. Making a random act of service and kindness can definitely make a whole lot of difference in a lot of people that surround you. Let’s try these things below and see how each step made our world a bit better every time!

  1. Smile to a random stranger. Who knows, you could be smiling to someone who was having a rough day! Think of how this simple gesture could turn his/her day around.
  2. Encourage a person with his/her dreams. They may be having doubts of accomplishing what they want to be someday, but help that person push through against the odds. You could be one of the reasons why that person would succeed someday!
  3. Leave spontaneous love notes to your spouse. You will be sparking your romance even more, plus you earn a lovely kiss from your significant other. Show your spouse how much you love him/her every day.
  4. Compliment three people a day. Make sure it is sincere and that you really find something worth complimenting for in that other person. Make your remarks more thoughtful by complimenting the other person with his/her strengths or lovely attributes instead of the material things they have.
  5. Make someone laugh so hard. Crack up a good joke and make someone laugh so that both your tummies will ache.
  6. Send random cards to your friends. Connect to your old friends and catch up with them. Make them know that you truly care about them and you really treasure their existence in your life. This gesture might be simple, but your friends will remember you for it.
  7. Offer to do something for someone even for just a day. They will appreciate it for a taking a load off their day. Offer it sincerely and without expecting anything in return.
  8. Reach out to your favorite charities and spend some time with the beneficiaries. Something more meaningful than just donating a lovely amount of money to your favorite charities is spending some time with the people you are donating to. Organize a small event for them and go have an unforgettable time together.
  9. Help someone with their studies. You might know someone who is having a hard time with their lessons. Offer a free study session and discuss together ideas that he/she might be confused about.
  10. Fund a small amount for a local school near you. Even if it’s just a small amount, it could go a long way with their upcoming school activities and events.
  11. Plant a tree. Protecting Mother Nature is one of the kindest services we could offer to the community.

You see, there are many ways we could offer these acts of simple service towards other people. We are all Godly people in our own ways.

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